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How far down the rabbit hole are we down here? In general, how "far out" are we?

Sometimes I'm surprised by how even 10% of what we say here terrifies some people…

I fear, barring some REAL catastrophic disaster on the level of what happened to post-Weimar Republic Germany, Whites are never going to wake up…


The Weimar Republic was borne out of the chaos of WWI and hyperinflation. It was kind of a perfect storm of unfortunate events that produced it and the circumstances that occured that ultimately allowed Hitler to come to power. If I am not mistaken for a little while Marxists took over Berlin or another major German city before German WWI Vets crushed them.


The pedo sites aren't really apart of the deep web, they're just beneath the surface of 4chan.

The real deep "web" doesn't use HTTP. Has nothing to do with websites.

Private FTP and IRC servers no one but the people who operate them and allow on them know about.


The same will happen here.



Seems like you-know-who is afraid of another Freikorps coming to save the day. Probably why they're classifying returning white soldiers as terrorism risks.


So everything below 4chan is CP, then?

Well fuck.


File: 1327556869982.png (630.61 KB, 810x810, 1326728215600.png)

>If I am not mistaken for a little while Marxists took over Berlin or another major German city before German WWI Vets crushed them.

I can see that happening in the US. After a prolonged series of violent protests, an organized group of Marxists attempt to seize power, killing as many Whites as possible, butchering White babies.

Iraq/Afghanistahn/(maybe Iran) War veterans are aghast at the degeneracy and inability of the collapsing government to respond, and get their shit together.


In Russia, history is not a "liberal art", it is considered a science.

History always repeats itself… always.


4chan isn't exactly an obscure site.


Try something like that. P.S. You'll never get in. It's like trying to get into Bilderberg Group or Bohemian Grove.


File: 1327557137880.jpg (368.45 KB, 1800x1200, cheese.jpg)

Their is some pretty crazy shit on the deep web… not just cp.


File: 1327557161626.jpg (117.43 KB, 1280x1144, zog-o-bot.jpg)

What a beta site
Here is a link to a real deep web site. Say hello to the FBI for me.



oh man so cool and elite like www.endoftheinter.net



an ller on 4chon

how'd you not get banned?


You've got me intrigued please go on.


File: 1327557309670.jpg (114.54 KB, 1130x1060, 1327475051851.jpg)

why the fuck u scared for lil girl. we live in a giant mobius strip

>History always repeats itself… always.

this guy knows


File: 1327557511355.png (8.21 KB, 73x73, ll.png)



an science


Drugs and black market guns (even ship to Europe), pay-for-theft services, money laundering services, bare-knuckle fighting matches, etc.

As long as you have enough Bitcoins…



Seriously, I'm curious. That place is kike central. I got banned for an "illegal signature" right after I made some posts naming the jew.

You a lurker or what?


That site is a private torrent site. All kinds of things are torrented, some illegal, some really illegal.

To get in, you have to know someone that is already in and they ask admin for an access code.



look at this turbonueser who can't read






ahahaha I play motherless roulette all the time

I've seen some questionable stuff but nothing that'll get you vanned


How long until Weimar America is over and better national socialism begins?


Is hasn't even started yet.


So CP is the deepest you can go in the NET?


They dont even mention silkroad in that pic.


All the non-honeypot movements are on the deepweb.

Even mentioning them around here could have the Feds eyeing you…


I used to be on ll when it started but I gave my account away because it was shit. Just an easy place to find shit you are looking for plus a forum. Pirate bay is pretty much the same thing. Did it change much since then?


Please that site is getting too much attention as it is, please delete post.


Bitcoins have made buying and selling a possibility.


Has anyone sucessfully stolen large numbers of bitcoins?


CP is not the deepest
there is shit out there, that just finding it will get you killed

Secret underground wars going on between the biggest countries/corporations all in the depths of the internet
Billion dollar underground money transactions
CP is just the farthest any normal TOR fag would be able to go



Yes. 0.5 million in BItcoins were once stolen.



You can see a man fight a tiger to the death, for like a million dollars and you have to have the right connections.


Both are probably unwilling participants btw.


>Secret underground wars going on between the biggest countries/corporations all in the depths of the internet
>Billion dollar underground money transactions
The trust stuff?
How do you know of these things anyway, I'm intrigued, tell me more


File: 1327559650878.png (306.03 KB, 249x238, 1324941646370.png)

I think that's a little far fetched.

The furthest you can go are terrorist websites; the FBI and CIA monitor them before they shut them down to catch people. Spending a couple hours browsing one of those sites can get you detained, and that's the last anyone ever hears of you.


>Going on motherless without proxies

I seriously hope you don't do this.


you're fine if you're not a sick fuck looking for the little girl vids


File: 1327559741078.jpg (64.75 KB, 800x483, 800px-Silk_Road_Marketplace_It…)

Silk Road is awesome, you can get anything you want.


The internet is practically unstoppable at this moment, all this SOPA and PIPA bullshit ain't going to stop shit, there are dozens of terabytes of files so deep in the system no agency could ever stop it.

Even if they close down the ENTIRE world wide web, soon we'll have DarkNet.

The internet is the wild west reborn.

Not even the Jews can stop it, if they wanted to the should have done it in the 90s… it is WAAAAAY too late.



Is it possible to buy a cheetah anywhere online?



all the time

and not a single fuck is given

just hit random video and hope there's no gay shit or animals


if you have enough money you can buy anything



they're short-term thinkers, otherwise they would revise their parasitic ways for sustainability


Those cookies are laced with rat poison.

Stupid goyim, the Jews allowed it to get this large so they can further subvert. It has had only a minor backlash effect.


Want to know about some deep web shit? Watch this movie:


Now imagine being able to bet on a winner over an underground site.



Stupid goyim, the Jews allowed it to get this large so they can further subvert. It has had only a minor backlash effect.

That was the intention, but if internet use becomes TRULY popular among all people (the young people of today will be the old people of tomorrow) we may live in an age where all people can get access to information untainted by the Jew.

And then we win.


It's easy to buy heroine and rocket-launchers, so I bet.


File: 1327560430551.jpg (226.12 KB, 600x615, 2M Serb you.jpg)

>black market guns (even ship to Europe)

Scam. I pity anyone who falls for that, even if they held up their end of the deal and sent their product they wouldn't even pass customs and the buyer would get raped in prison.



Black market gun dealers arent going to use FedEx you retard.



You pay a premium, but they get it in.

If they fail, they take the hit and return you 60% of the money.

A lot of people have done it.


So are they selling like drugs now or what? The members used to be young, have they become fucked up criminals?


File: 1327560688104.jpg (139.15 KB, 1210x807, group-laughing-girls--38c18.jp…)




>The furthest you can go are terrorist websites; the FBI and CIA monitor them before they shut them down to catch people.

Oh, you mean Mossad websites.


Someone should start doing research.



Yeah right. They send them magically? Fucking retards, enjoy losing your buttcoins.


There's a lot of shifty people out there, scamming can get you killed.


Goddamnit, use your imagination.

Bribing customs officials, smuggling, etc.

You must be a sheltered upper-middle class suburbanite who has never even seen IRL criminals.



Smuggling and bribing customs officials might work in third world shitholes like Nigeria and Russia, but Western Europe and Australia? Nigga plz.


So, my theory is confirmed, basically.


They don't really have to bribe anyone.

Basically most smuggled stuff comes from the east and maybe Africa (but thats very expensive). They need to smuggle it into any EU countries then they're OK with some luck. As for Australia I don't know I could imagine trough Indonesia a lot can get into, its a huge coastline and there are a lot of boats around, I guess fishing ships smuggle a lot.


File: 1327561629389.jpg (22.11 KB, 200x210, what_the_fuck_am_I_reading.jpg)

>Gaia on the same level as Motherless


File: 1327563172743.jpg (396.38 KB, 1680x1050, New Bitmap Image (2).jpg)

whats this shit lol


File: 1327563420510.jpg (28.7 KB, 358x353, 1327338824833.jpg)



File: 1327563675441.jpg (118.43 KB, 500x337, 1297771684821.jpg)

for fuck sake, the "deep web" is nothing more than the unindexed stuff (the complexity of access differs though). motherless and 4chan are as much "deep web" as friggin' facebook.





>Iraq/Afghanistahn/(maybe Iran) War veterans are aghast at the degeneracy and inability

dude what

American troops are the most degenerate in the world


File: 1327583528808.png (149.06 KB, 1024x768, bitcoin.png)



That is pretty cool.
I personally don't use tor, I'm not interested in drugs and all my fetishes are perfectly legal. All the cool shit is too hard to find/dangerous.


>All the cool shit is too hard to find/dangerous

>hard to find
Not really, hang out in any major forum there, and you'll find plenty of crazy shit.



between 4chan and sTORage I guess.


This. You don't need tor to access this place, but I'd still be behind a proxy if you are in places that are really bad like Germany, UK, Sweden or Australia.


File: 1327586643939.gif (3.82 KB, 452x523, thewho.gif)


more like Torah



Of course it's a scam. I got myself a fucking laptop straight from the PRC and they held it for nearly a month before I paid the tariff and then it was sent to me.

There is no way something like drugs or guns would pass.




Yeah, their morals pale to savage animals cutting the head off of a pleaing man and holding it up for everyone to see on camera while taking seriously the moral code of a man married to a six year old.


The Deepweb is basically what a libertarian society would look like.

Silk Road would be as common as a 7/11.


Call me a degenerate, but that actually sounds pretty darn cool.


>implying anyone wants to live in a fucking cowboy movie


The deep web isn't necessarily illegal stuff, it's just anything search engines can't access through web crawlers.


>Iraq/Afghanistahn/(maybe Iran) War veterans are aghast at the degeneracy and inability of the collapsing government to respond, and get their shit together.

Lol, neo-fascist fantasies are hilarious.





Sshh, don't tell /new/ what "deep web" means. They're happier with their fantasies.



Does the man get a weapon?

Bare-handed, I am betting the Tiger wins.


File: 1327593775297.jpg (54.6 KB, 993x224, israel pedos.jpg)

first thing i found in this "deepweb"


File: 1327593809073.jpg (536.41 KB, 1337x959, 1264293818496.jpg)


A fascist does not have to be racist. The USA is lurching towards a fascist dictatorship.

A Nazi does have to be racist.

Democracy is a lie. Once you have enough sub-par IQ voters, you can get away with quite a bit of oppression.


That doesn't make fascism an acceptable alternative.



>The USA is lurching towards a fascist dictatorship.

Actually, the USA is a Jewish libertarian/anarchist utopia.


File: 1327594367546.jpg (538.93 KB, 1600x1200, celebrate diversity.jpg)



It's not about WHERE something is located on the interwebs, it's about how difficult it is to access it. The internet can't be compared geographically like nations or towns.

If anyone from any connection on the planet can access something, it's not even shallow web. 4chon is on the same surface level as 4chan, Stormfront and facebook. Popularity isn't important.


So what do you need to access lower levels than TOR can access?


>A fascist does not have to be racist.


>A Nazi does have to be racist.


The big difference between fascists and Nazis is that fascists are nationalist (e.g. for an American fascist, a native Jew would be preferrable to a foreign white), while the Nazis wetre racist (e.g. A foreign white would be preferrable to a native Jew).


Good old fashioned "connections".

Most of the stuff requires you to "know a guy".

If you post long enough on some of these deepweb forums, I bet you can find something.


Username and password.

Strictly speaking, any website google can't look into is DeepWeb. That includes tons of normal forums where you have to register to read and write threads.


I think most people when talking about deepweb aren't using such a technical description.

They are talking about pedo sites, and blackmarket drugs and weapons.

It's like saying:

Person 1. "Tommy hangs out with criminals."
Person 2. "What's a criminal?"
Person 1. "drug dealers, thugs, gang members, arsonists, etc."
Person 2. "Wow, Tommy hangs out with some shady and scary people!"
Person 1. "That's not what I meant, and you know that…"
Person 4. "shhh, Person 3, don't shatter their dreams, lolololololol"


In which board did you found that listing?



"Deep web" just refers to websites that aren't indexed by the search engines.

That's all it means.


in the TOR link list


And a criminal is anyone who breaks a law.

Someone who is jaywalking is a criminal.


File: 1327616371416.png (763.39 KB, 533x1600, deepweb.png)

found the picture I was looking for



OP, I often wonder if I ever see someone from /new/ in my own daily public life
But that brings to mind the question, would I /new/sman be found in a major city around mostly black people?



a newsman*


What the fuck is Onion IB and Hard Candy?


loads of CP


File: 1327617159759.jpg (1.39 MB, 3000x2250, 5986d22f05b052dcb21b89db414add…)

Nothing you want to see. Just google both of them.


I met a girl at work that has been going to 4chan since '04. She's the first person I've ever met that is a full-fledged anon like myself. When she told me and I told her, we just looked at eachother and started laughing. We already knew basically everything about eachother in that moment. She's kinda cute, but has a boyfriend right now. I'm gonna try to get with her.


File: 1327617871792.jpg (29.5 KB, 400x400, tom hanks in the midst of an a…)

So what can kind of kewl "dangerous and illegal" information can one one find on the deepweb/tor/whatever?


You have to know the secret handshake.



there was one poster talking about how he went balls deep and "fed his curiosity". Learned some shit that scared him about some conspiracy theories or something. Then got some mail with no adress attached it with pictures of his family.

Im not sure if I believe it but if it is i'm glad the truth is down there. It will come out eventually.


Are all of the bottom iceberg sites child porn? Or are some those i would actually want to go to and if so, Tor addresses please


Actually i'll just use a proxy. But seriously, are some of these sites worth going to or are they all kiddie porn?


File: 1327618974574.jpg (1017.13 KB, 1280x1024, fa0f5da2f5774044c5d988072b0a47…)

Of course the most secure shit is going to be highly illegal shit, which happens to be CP.

Most of the cool stuff is harder to find.

Just download freenet and join a board dedicated to finding cool shit.



Sounds like total bullshit to me.


Super secret shit: It's mostly just child porn and people producing child porn, but all the stuff down there drips "upwards" and is upped into lower security CP sites eventually.

Download TOR bundle, and in 30 seconds you see everything that deepweb has to offer.

Also gore pictures and drug shops. But I trust you've seen plenty of both already.


Wilco. But do you personally know of anything cool that you'd be willing to share?


OnionIB is spammed with shit, and is worthless.
Everyone's moved onto other sites by now.


OnionIB isn't even up anymore. They got OnionPedo Video Archive up and running again, though.


File: 1327619418258.jpg (578.59 KB, 1190x1184, 634200c37f8bf080907b1e6caf2ee6…)

Nothing other than a few hacker spots that I lurk because I am not a hacker. I know the cdc has a board there. Truthfully I only rarely ever start it up.

I don't TOR.


other sites for what? What was ONIONIB and these other bottom-berg sites originally do/offer?


what board would that be?
i will download freenet if you tell me a board, the last time i downloaded it, there was nothing in there.


OnionIB was practically 4chan with CP boards. Really. There are tons of sites similar to it, OniobIB was just the most famous one.

The sites on the very bottom include extremely well protected chatrooms and live webcam shows for pedophiles. Can't go into detail, because I never bothered to get in those circles.


Oh yeah, and then there was True Rape community. Forum you got only in by posting a video in which you abuse/rape a child. The mods watch it and approve your account, and then you could watch the videos of others.

Dunno so much about this one either, by the time I found it the system was pretty broken, and I didn't happen to have any OC CP rape videos handy to try it.


OnionIB was child porn, and a spam spot.
OPVA is back, and open forums have popped up, so oib is dead.

I have to say, some of the stuff on opva is sexy. Lots of webcam footage.
And then there's those European sex-ed vids from the 70s and 80s(back before the anti-pedo craze started and teaching kids about sex was considered a good thing).


>I have to say, some of the stuff on opva is sexy. Lots of webcam footage.
This. Too bad underages fapping is considered illegal.


IS OPVA just Cp as well?

so here's my assumptions:
ONIONIB, PedoPlanet = CP

sTORage, Hard Candy, Onion P.M, Kindzaza chan, Onion Chan, Hidden Wiki, tor chan = not yet defined


>sTORage, Hard Candy, Onion P.M, Kindzaza chan, Onion Chan, Hidden Wiki, tor chan = not yet defined
They're all CP. "Hard Candy" means CP, and Hidden Wiki, well, it's about hidden stuff the gobbermint doesn't want you to know about…that being mostly CP.


And boy howdy do the FBI, and DEA hate Tor.
Places like Silk Road allow people to by drugs without repercussion.


File: 1327621042231.jpeg (331.25 KB, 1200x1200, d53f474dff418d418b57deaa071334…)

Not likely, We can assume that your average joe won't even know of TSRs existence, meaning it is a tiny market.

The FEDs don't go after insignificant things like that.


I have it on good authority that the DEA hates Silk Road.


File: 1327621285341.jpg (2.48 MB, 2894x4093, cddd5a3ca8c977e91be958f2222b32…)

hates them enough to waste resources tracking such a small market?


I don't care about CP or drugs, but the virtual reality, scientific research,
VIP networking, secret government and corporate deals, banned media, and mafia stuff sound fucking neat.


Hates them because they can't track them.
Silk Road isn't just drugs. The DEA hates the chemicals sold on there. They've gone a long way toward making it nearly impossible to get red phosphorus, pseudoephedrine, and safrole, among other things. You can buy that stuff by the pound on SR(at least you could last year).


There's alot of classified info distributed on Freenet, if you're interested.


Most people are completely computer illiterate…

Downloading TOR for Windows is easier than installing fucking Photoshop.

The feds know that no matter what happens there will always be a group of very knowledgeable or extremely well connected individuals who commit shady stuff under the cover of darkness.

That fish is too small to fry for the feds, they have to concentrate on big media attention grabbing busts.

I bet their were small groups of people that did hard drugs and kiddie sex in Stalinist Russia as well…

Plus the UBER UBER deep web, is possibly impossible to attack, they are too well protected, know too much and know the right people…

So fuck it, let's just bust the Megaupload guy.


The Wikileaks stuff was on the deep web, 5ish years ago.

Their are TOP SECRET files down there if you are willing to risk it.

But you WILL be vanned, if you didn't do it perfect, or they just hired a new hotshot hacker and most likely your whole family could pay for it.

It's fucking scary down there.


File: 1327621927338.jpg (21.52 KB, 350x471, 1327094352162.jpg)

>that feel
It's a rush, strangely. Knowing that if they find you, they could black bag you.


viewing wikileaks won't get you vanned, right?


Nah, too mainstream at this point.

My grandfather even went there out of curiosity.


We're talking some real classified shit here, like NSA encryption records, and DARPA development schematics.


Nope. It's not like there's any info on there that's actually valuable anyway. Everything that got leaked was either very low security clearance. Which is pretty much just "stuff we don't want reported directly to the press, but 90% of officers will know about it."


File: 1327622582818.jpg (24.85 KB, 481x347, 1291495448674.jpg)

You can buy Red Mercury there. Tons of it got shipped to Iran last year.
(metaphorical tons you just need a few grams to achieve critical mass and a chain reaction, allowing you to nuclear material grenades etc, I am not talking about debased uranium by products on top of rpg projectiles, I am talking about CHAIN REACTIONS)


File: 1327622833077.jpg (151.5 KB, 500x500, dr steel logo.jpg)


Awww yeaa, Dr. Steel.


File: 1327622955617.png (854.78 KB, 647x671, 1306194332879.png)

>red mercury


File: 1327622988022.jpg (24.42 KB, 280x111, 1291499608347.jpg)

remember that guy from Iron Man? Rourke´s role? He was a L337 hax0r, and he worked to develope state of the art armament. He was SilkRoad´s Webmaster.


Anyone wanna brag about what they managed to dredge up from the deep web?


That's as far as I go.
Saw a classified film about a small-scale HAARP experiment. I now know HAARP's true purpose.


If they started at 4chan in '04, they she is an oldfag, and would have left a long, long time ago. 4chan now is just pure cancer.


which is?


File: 1327623932416.jpg (35.62 KB, 720x405, 1291506345547.jpg)

If you go deep enough, you get access to information on the "underground folk", a complete database on underground creatures and their behaviours, information on the true hollow nature of the earth and the civilizations therein wallowing in the haven of darkness, reptilians and what not.
Plus, they got this über secret page where you can see beautiful everyday girls naked, like the stuff you always wished when you were a boy… well, they have it, so you get a code and you get to see lots of beautiful women naked, not pornstars and staged debased trollops, but the girl next door. But they would hunt you down if they realized you got access.


Well, to put it simply, HAARP cannot control weather or start quakes. I already knew this, because the laws of thermodynamics are pretty clear about heat and energy.
But I couldn't figure out exactly what was the goal.

It turns out that HAARP is basically a solar gun, that can knock out satellites, ground comms, missiles, subs, whole fleets, whole nations, by frying electronics and power grids. It can blast through Faraday cages too.
Basically, it's a super version of THIS-
That costs alot less to build and operate.


What is the Silk Road?


sounds a bit too good to be true.


File: 1327624169929.gif (2.85 MB, 445x247, laughingnazis.gif)

You pay in bitcoins and get illicit drugs in the mail.

Yes, it actually works it it's very lucrative.

>>mfw blart and the rest think the war on drugs is going well when federal employees are delivering drugs to civilians


It's true.
This is why Russia and Chian really wanted fast missiles.
They want to be able to kill a ship before HAARP can lock on and kill the missile. HAARP won't fire on our own fleet, so getting a missile to the target as quickly as possible is the goal.


File: 1327624245445.jpg (10.31 KB, 300x400, bradley manning.jpg)

Oh yeah, I Found it too in the deeps webs… I was there as well..
But I forgot the link to it, would you mind providing it?


File: 1327624286552.png (5.31 KB, 274x242, 1319503800550.png)

>mfw federal employees deliver illegal drugs to my PObox
Not lately though. Money has been tight.


>this is what newsman actually believe.



Vid was on Freenet. I don't know where it was, as I clicked the link on another, now defunct freesite(I think it disappeared right around the time your pic related got busted).
It was a DARPA film, and none of the brass had ID. Faces were blurred out and there was no sound, only the test, and closed captioning.
They fried an entire fake town in what looked like the desert in California(probably right outside Edwards AFB), full of military electronics, internet setups, and even a large server bank. Stopped vehicles dead in their tracks. Everything just died.



I want to go down there.

I don't live in America, what is my chance of getting vanned?

Also, I have no hacking skills? What chance do I have of even getting to that info? Is Tor all I need?


>>what are my chances of getting V&?

Depends on the country. If you live in bumfuckistan then do whatever you want.


> Solutions to Common Problems! We are an organized criminal group, former soldiers and mercenaries from the FFL, highly-skilled, with military experience of more than five years. We can perform hits all around the world.
> If you're asking yourself "Why someone would need to hire a killer online?", we'll tell you: simply because it is anonymous. You can always find examples of contractors who collaborated with cops (when they were facing 20 years of prison), and you (the buyer) could end up in the prison because of that. On the other hand, you can also find examples where police found who had the interest to put out a contract, and they can come to you and you can give your testimony (which would put the hitman in jail).


Africa and any 'Stan: do whatever you want.
AUS, EU and US: don't risk it if you're new.
China, Israel, Singapore, Iran: stay the hell away!




Will they van me?



You can't get vanned for using Tor. It is not illegal. If you operate a Tor exit node you might have criminals using your bandwith and your IP address might end up on some server logs for illegal stuff causing you to get raided.

If you download and install Tor does your computer become a Tor relay? Can a person get in trouble for running a Tor relay?


File: 1327625357700.jpg (538.99 KB, 1629x1402, 1320711580019.jpg)

Wouldn't surprise me how far deep into the abyss the internet is.

There was a documentary on snuff, I think it's this:

Seemed kinda sketchy and vague at first, but man it builds up and ends on some shocking notes.

Sure, we've all hear sick stories on the news, but, sexual paraphilias around torture leading to death on film exist in a lucrative, organised form on the deep web. Someone putting a 'hit' on someone is whatever, one off 'deals' between a guy who has filmed such sick shit is sadly not too uncommon, but, requests for such specific acts occur and can be done for the right money.

All of those keywords: snuff, sexual paraphilias, lucrative, organised… Then add children into the bunch, which is what a guy at the end of the documentary discussed, many have 'requested' such scenario's to be done.

Supposedly the content provider/killer was caught, they might have been pretty 'secure' in the deep web, but, I think this guy was only connected to the 'business' and what he discussed with a client was over emails (srs) on this computer or some shit, the police found out about how lucrative and not to rare such acts were. Fuck knows what goes on and to what extreme levels, they exist.


File: 1327625434574.png (564.79 KB, 1881x710, Untitled.png)


File: 1327625435644.jpg (53.71 KB, 720x405, 1292746423293.jpg)

But careful, if you live in Australia, thats all I am going to say.


who the fuck buys that shit? Those people should be hung.


>Those people should be hung.
Like a picture?


Hell yeah, nigger.

Ausfailia is worse than the US.

The only one that is probably shittier is possibly Sweden.


What about Argentina?

I think we basically have no police or intel agencies at all to be honest.


and Singapore



Why is Australia worse than the US?

I've never heard of our government vanning people before? Or do we let the US come over here to van people?


We let the US thugs come and van our people.


I'll give you a hint: Starts with a J, ends with an S.


File: 1327626577629.jpg (155.41 KB, 512x512, 125989155727.jpg)

Why didn't the anti-pedo crusade raid this thread?


Someone elaborate on some of that stuff. The Tesla Experiment Plans one, namely.



That bloody sucks.

But how are we worse than the US?

Does the FBI van more Aussies than Americans?


The Aussie government is much more strict on the Internet.

Additionally, the Feds have jurisdiction in basically everywhere. See: How the FBI arrested the Megaupload guy in New Zealend.


The US at least has a fucking bill of rights.

I mean, they trample those rights, sure.

But fuck there is at least SOME framwork against abuses.

In Ausfailia, you are at the mercy of your politician's or federal worker's good will.


File: 1327626858503.jpg (80.45 KB, 223x223, 1319789932gbrtht436.jpg)




I'd like to know more.

Also why does Mathematics Research require a proxy?

What is AI in a box?

What is Broders Engine Plans?

What is Paradigm Recalescence?

Aslo I assume WW2 and Joseph Mengele Experiment successes are just video footage of that stuff right? Not things we haven't heard about?

I saw a soviet experiment of a dogs head that was hooked up to a machine, it was still alive and responsive to all sensory stimulants.




I thought red mercury was complete bullshit?







Law of 13's? What is it?

Nephilism Protocols? That's the Nephilim right?


File: 1327627146088.jpg (229.34 KB, 707x679, 1312297042513.jpg)

Your moral disapproval only strengthens my erection.


File: 1327627196609.jpg (84.96 KB, 800x517, 4173b7ac09207d881c2ee8f767b1ba…)

What's the problem, jew?



And thread ruined.

Thanks faggots.



Anyway, Silk Road is highly recommended.
I buy chemicals from there sometimes, as getting phosphorus any other way is nigh impossible.


Everyones seen that dogs head video. Whether or not it's fake is up for debate. Point is, it's no longer "Secret". It's under public domain in the U.S., and you can find it on youtube easily.

Also, on Mengele: fun fact, EVERYTHING we know about how cold affects the human body comes from Mengele. I'm quite serious. Mengele performed experiments on whether or not Russians were more resistant to the affects of cold than Germans. The data proved that they had slightly more, but it was so insignificant that it was practically useless. He did NOT however, test these cold experiments on Jews or niggers.

Additionally, all the pictures from Grays Anatomy are from his vivisection works.

This is assuming Mengele actually did do human experimentation. After all, many historical sources are biased by Der Jude.

Fun fact: One of Mengeles assistants, Berthold Epstein, later went on to be the Soviet Unions chair of the Pediatric Clinic. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berthold_Epstein). In case you were wondering, Berthold was a Jew.


There was a Jeiwsh/Russian CP snuff ring that was busted. Maybe.


You got a link or anything to the dog video?


File: 1327628011904.jpg (186.45 KB, 604x687, pc14060_1323081671_petichan.jp…)

Raping and murdering children?
I hope they literally burn for eternity.
Makes me wish hell really existed.




Most of the image is a grab box of conspiracies to get you interested.

Paradigm Recalescence is a spirtuality/religion thing.
Broders Engine Plans, never heard of it.




File: 1327628372546.jpg (32.89 KB, 764x570, 1289606659146.jpg)

Dude…what if our planet/universe is an AI box for a greater being?



Wow that's interesting. I'd always assumed a lot of medical innovation had come from inhumane experiments, like how J. Marion Sims the Father of Gynecology did experiments on black slaves vagina's and discovered cures for women's genital ailments. Always assumed that with Mengele too. Thanks for sharing.

Know anything else about Nazi Experiments?


>Broders Engine
Nevermind, perpetual motion/energy machine.


>implying it might not be



That AI box is cool. So they experiment with them in the deep web?

Also why would a perpetual energy machine and some spiritual stuff need to be hidden that far down?


Most of the impressive nazi engineering was hauled back to US and soviet bases. Engines, radar-absorbing paint, that kind of thing.


Because the author of that image is making a list of every cool-sounding conspiracy or secret to put on it.


No one is supposed to know.

No one will believe you if you mentioned parts of it.

Assuming you don't get whisked off in the middle of the night.


God damn what a good thread.
You guys make me proud.


File: 1327630279246.jpg (11.36 KB, 180x246, 1265690006658.jpg)

What's great about surfing the deep web is not discovering dark secrets, it's sho


How do I into tor? I want to be completely invisible.



But I just searched Paradigm Recalescence on Google then and nothing but things related Deep Web came up. Does Paradigm Recalescence even exist or is it made up for that picture?



That said, if anyone wants to know what honeypots look like in action, look no further than this thread.


If you have to ask, you'll never know.

I don't get it either. And frankly, after reading this thread, I feel the less I know the better.


Care to explain?


File: 1327631225606.jpg (5.58 KB, 200x134, pooh-jar.jpg)



Please if you know anything about spiritual stuff I really want to know. Like anything false or not, flat earth reptilians angels whatever you found. This stuff means a lot to me.


File: 1327631979225.jpg (14.43 KB, 231x205, 1293498456494.jpg)

aesthetics is about the ultimate manifestation of will in the universe.


my cousin's best friend's boyfriend went to the deep web. i dont know if I should be tell you this

last time we heard from him was 5 years ago. we got a letter soaking with ink and we tried to–123457849w


H҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘Ȅ̐̑̒̚̕̚ IS C̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̚̕̚̕̚̕̚̕̚̕̚OMI҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘NG > ͡҉҉ ̵̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̊̋̌̍̎̏̿̿̿̚ ҉ ҉҉̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑ ͡҉҉

H҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘Ȅ̐̑̒̚̕̚ IS C̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̚̕̚̕̚̕̚̕̚̕̚OMI҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘NG > ͡҉҉ ̵̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̊̋̌̍̎̏̿̿̿̚ ҉ ҉҉̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑ ͡҉҉

Z҉A҉L҉G҉O̚̕̚ Z҉A҉L҉G҉O̚̕̚ Z҉A҉L҉G҉O̚̕̚



Yes, yes cookies.


File: 1327633219059.jpg (44.68 KB, 353x500, cookies.jpg)



What are cookies?


Then you saw this, right?



File: 1327635034814.jpg (73.09 KB, 630x560, feels-batman.jpg)

God tier thread btw.

I went to college, I thought I was educated…

I came here, and I found I was indoctrinated.

Then I at least thought I could find out everything there is to know on this place.


First by reading HiddenWiki and the rest of this fucking thread…

I know nothing.


There is all that cryptic stuff out there I could never crack, and even if I could I have a family I love.

I don't want to disappear…

And now I can't go out there and look at fucking CNN and and shit and pretend SOME OF IT REAL…




don't be overwhelmed by it, bro

sometimes it's just best to chill and take it all in



File: 1327635332100.jpg (115.95 KB, 480x325, 1326964258472.jpg)

>red hot flaming faggots

Haha, no. If you don't listen to traditionalist music you're a degenerate, period.


File: 1327635498389.png (6.32 KB, 368x264, mfw.png)

Your eyes are heavy with sleep
The grass is deepest green
And the flowering world lush around you
Have no fear
Have no fear
You shall change in the blink of an eye
Into the beautiful dancing dust



youre just dust


just water

im a mystery shaman bro



>First by reading HiddenWiki and the rest of this fucking thread…

What is on hidden wiki anyway? I am too lazy to download Tor, so if you'd give a brief overview on here for newsmen that would be great


I still dont get it.

I am kinda autistic though.


Also many newsmen browse with iphones and there aint a tor app


What's going on with the anons in this thread asking and asking to know more. It's fishy.



Losing all hope is freedom, brochacho.

I used to be a hard core white nationalist / traditionalist and now I'm just a hedonist.

I spent 10yrs trying to wake whites up to what's going on … all for nothing.

The more I tried, the more I hated my race.

You can't fix the stupidity of the white race and you may as well enjoy the short time you have on this rock.

Believe me, in a sane society, I agree with you, but we're living in an insane society. You simply cannot fix the idiocy of the white race and you may as well go out in a blaze of glory and enjoy yourself.

I respect you for trying, but it's over, my friend.

Whites are the stupidest fucking people on the planet.


Yes there is.


Goddamnit it ends with a Fresh Prince!


File: 1327636292476.jpg (104.07 KB, 623x720, 1326475242613.jpg)

So instead of being an inspiring beacon to kindle the hearts of your fellow whites, you voluntarily choose to wallow in the grassroots degeneracy sown by the Jews post-WWII?






Sounds like you spent too much energy on it. You cant save everyone. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy.


File: 1327636986697.jpg (42.04 KB, 354x270, grandmas-boy5.jpg)

You think you know the deep web? Tor is kiddie shit, you haven't seen nothing until you have Tor within a Tor closed shell access. Aliens and government secrets, it's all down there but you gotta have the intelligence to figure out how to reach it. Down there anything goes, stick to your games of Jews and niggers cause you haven't seen nothing yet.
* TR45&T$JS2#¬JF73N^HB*&41


File: 1327637735838.jpg (39.64 KB, 429x398, 1319259675427.jpg)

I don't think I should risk going on an internet quest to compile all this stuff.

but I probably will



>Believe me, in a sane society, I agree with you, but we're living in an insane society. You simply cannot fix the idiocy of the white race

You sure the problem isn't you?

I mean most people I meet on a daily basis are sane, going into some emo rant because of disagreeing with most people isn't exactly the measure for sanity. It is the opposite, in fact.


As I pointed out ehre, this all seems fishy; now people want to archive it?

Thanks, guys.


how the fuck does one start



How is it fishy?


File: 1327638035918.jpg (80.75 KB, 537x755, masterofdisguise.jpg)

Black Market eBay is real. As usual the Hollywood Jews were shoving it right in our face a decade ago. Same thing with Videodrome Youtube.



I have no idea, and I think thats going to be the fun part.


File: 1327638074644.jpg (37.4 KB, 467x471, smugpug …)

>that feel when people save your pictures


lots of lurkers in this thread is why nothing else>>1647294


File: 1327638295190.jpg (110.87 KB, 969x645, floating radioactive gooks.jpg)


you the same guy from the 'fringe' thread?

you ever seen stargate?



This is either the most inspiring or depressing thread I have read on this message-board.



depression is easily overcome



The Jew wants to confuse people into believing it can't exist because it's "stuff of movies"…


File: 1327639551255.jpg (24.45 KB, 607x463, lum ahahaha.jpg)

>deep web
>proxy required

>mathematics research
>super computer
>visual processing
>virtual reality


So basically I could find out insanely hidden things that would ruin entire trillion dollar industries, TOP SECRET archives, and in general the most secret of the secret…

But I could never tell anyone.

Well fuck me.


where can I get a closed shell system?


File: 1327640054929.jpg (119.27 KB, 1274x959, NO LEARNIN.JPG)

So whats some really shocking, life changing shit on the deep web? Stuff that would make me sit back and really think.

Ive seriously seen some shit. REAL SHIT. I dont think the deep web is all that scary from what Ive heard.

CP? Please. Real snuff films? Yawn. Gubment secrets the FBI will kidnap you over? Psh.

I wanna see like real footage of reptilians or something. SOmething that makes me shit my pants.


I dunnno, make it to level 5 web then.


sorry bro that sort of thing would've been leaked by now if it were true

deep web just holds what we all already know exists. basically everything illegal, and more interestingly completely underground business worlds where powerful men barter and fight in invisible conflicts.
There's a reason why intelligence agencies are recruiting so many CS majors nowadays. the world is going online



Reptillian footage would be fucking sweet.


File: 1327640589227.png (648.73 KB, 720x523, HARBLx1000.png)

If you want to get into some real deep web shit, play EVE online.

Youd be surprised at the real life shit that goes down between players on there, and the connections they make.


requesting reptilian footage


I want to see Blart fight a lion, like what they used to do to Christians.

That would be sweet, can it be arranged?


Would it be leaked?

Who the fuck would believe you?



do you have any stories, oh wise elder?


Yeah, I've been to the ultra-deep web.

And you've all been fooled.

The Jews don't control the world it's the…



I knew it!!


I'm guessing there must be info about Hitler's great escape.


File: 1327643425940.jpg (87.72 KB, 470x332, HAPPYGUYS.jpg)


People make business transactions on EVE all the time, that actually affect the real world, and not just the game world.

You arent allowed to exchange the games ingame currency ISK/creds for real currency anymore, but they are many ways around it to basically make ISK into real money.

And when you are trying to haul a shit load of ISK or the equivalent of monthly subscriptions which are sold for real money on other sites, in your ship you had better hope to god pirates dont raid your ass in game and you are armed to the teeth and have a group protecting you.

There was a real company a while back that lost a shit load of money because a dude in their EVE corporation stabbed them in the back and stole everything he could before defecting.

They asked the EVE devs to role the server back, but its such a massive game that they said "what happens in EVE, stays in EVE." and didnt do shit about it.

How to make real money in EVE #1.

>make an account
>get a mining ship
>mine stuff
>dont get shot down or pirat'ed while hauling your cargo to sell it
>you can use ISK(in game currency) to buy your own monthly passes, so its basically free to play
>you may have to pay for your first few months as theres a fucking huge learning curve
>eventually build bigger and better ships and do whatever you want to gain as much ISK as you can
>purchase more monthly subscription passes
>sell off your passes to real people for real money

Dont expect to be raking in the dough though. The guys that play EVE for a living have entire corporations with thousands of people raking in ISK to slowly convert it into real money.


That's not Deepweb.

That's Chinese Goldfarmer shit.


>There was a real company a while back that lost a shit load of money because a dude in their EVE corporation stabbed them in the back and stole everything he could before defecting.

Still the best way to get rich in eve if you can pull it off.


Duh, Whites are usually not very good at it, we tend to have morals.


So assuming the cool secretive shit is out there, where does one go to find? Freenet?


HiddenWiki has links.

Then go to forums, and just like here.

Post and hangout.

You'll find cool shit.


File: 1327679993589.jpg (17.6 KB, 480x360, 1292740441188.jpg)

careful not to piss anyone off in there, tho.

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